what’s your ring size?

Select the measurement of your ring diameter here:

16,5 mm 0,65 inch
17,1 mm 0,67 inch
17,4 mm 0,68 inch
17,8 mm 0,7 inch
18 mm 0,71 inch
18,4 mm 0,72 inch
19 mm 0,75 inch
19,3 mm 0,76 inch
20 mm 0,78 inch
20,3 mm 0,8 inch
21 mm 0,83 inch
21,3 mm 0,84 inch

Your size:


Using a ring you already own that fits perfectly, measure the inside diameter of the ring with a ruler in either millimetres or inches.

Write down the measurement and match it to the chart above. If your size falls in-between two sizes we suggest buying the larger size.

If you are still unsure about your ring size, need another size or you would like further assistance, please email us at hello@coalescebcn.com